Interview coaching – gaining a competitive edge

It’s often a stressful time for young people when they have interviews for university places, industrial placements (internships), or first jobs. Competition for places and for jobs is fierce, so preparing for interviews and progression stages often represents the biggest pressure situation, with the highest stakes of their young lives.


Eureka Youth Coaching is here to help young people build their skills and confidence to deal with this and to maximise their chances of success.

We can work with a young person at any stage of the process towards securing the placement / job that they want.


Coaching, by definition, is tailored to the individual but we can cover topics such as:


  • Using an online psychological behavioural profiling tool to assess their behavioural style and to use it to coach them in their “default” styles, to help understand their strengths, build confidence and understand the best job fits for their style and to learn style flexibility to be adaptable.


  • Working with them to develop a practical plan that reflects their goals and aspirations, that is action orientated and motivating to them.


  • Help them deal with nerves / shyness in interviews / presentations / public scenarios that bother them. Reviewing / reflecting how they come across, body language, tone, words, phraseology. Learning techniques and approaches to ensure that they create a positive first impression and can be more comfortable and confident within themselves.


  • Interview practice; give young people 1-2-1 mock interviews, with video feedback to help them practice dealing with questions, pressure and stress. Video feedback is key to them learning from self-review rather than instruction.


  • Briefing them on key areas of interviews they need to understand such as competency based interviewing, panel interviews and assessment centres. Helping them develop a repertoire of responses and examples to help them optimise these scenarios.


  • Industry insight; giving young people a fast track to sounding / being knowledgeable on key commercial roles and industries that they are applying to. By giving young people some basic understanding of what key commercial roles in HR / Sales/ Marketing involve, what the key dynamics are in major industries, what employers are looking for, key terminology, main current topics.

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