Why are National Teen Trust courses different?

We have been asked many questions about our courses, and why parents should come along. Here are a couple of our most frequently asked questions:

Why does it cost so much when other parenting workshops/courses are £25 or free?

​This is not just a parenting course; this is 6 hours of a mixture of learning psycho-educational tips and strategies, a chance to share your thoughts and be listened to without being judged and creating a network of sharing and support, very much like the NCT...it doesn't just end after the 6 hours either, the day will work towards an ongoing programme of workshops, meetings and signposting to further specific support if necessary.

What can I expect from the day?

You can expect to talk, to listen, to understand and to share...to learn lots and to have fun, to be in a warm environment with nice food and even nicer people!

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