Our Secondary Transfer programme


Transitioning between Primary and Secondary school!


Our transfer programme is there to help make the tricky Year 6 to Year 7 transition a smooth and seamless one for all the family. 


It’s a time of massive change; for the kids it’s the first time they’ve been taken out of the comfort zone of a primary school they’ve known all their lives and put into a much larger and more challenging situation. New friends, new location, new subjects, exposure to a much bigger world with all the opportunities and challenges that brings.


It’s also a big change for parents.  Many mums particularly feel the loss of the camaraderie of the school gates, the increasing independence of your child and separation from you, the lack of knowledge of your child's environment and friends can all be quite disturbing for parents.


Our core programme covers:


1.    The Challenge of parenting tweens

Why is it so hard? As they move from being a child to becoming a young adult, what are the major changes happening:~

  • For you

  • For your son/ daughter

  • Their physical development

  • Their psychological development

  • Brain development - inside the head of your teen/ tween?


2.    Nature of parent-child relationships

  • What are some of the behaviours we see at this stage? What do they mean? What do they tell us?

  • Family systems.. leading edge thinking on family dynamics, helping to understand  the behaviours inherent in our own family system

  • Tools to understand communication within families and relationships


3.    Smoothing the transition

  • Attunement – staying close and supportive, making your child feel psychologically safe

  • Letting go – allowing your child to separate appropriately (while still making them feel supported)

  • Making changes to the rules and boundaries appropriate to this different phase of their lives


4.    Next Steps

  • Practical applications of these ideas - “best practices”

  • Change – handling change and transitions


We offer the programme over 3 evening sessions or one full day session.

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